• Seokwon Yang Seokwon Yang

    Bio: Seokwon(@ejang) is a Founder at CO-UP. CO-UP is opened working space where individuals and small companies can communicate freely and co-work. Every road to startup needs and will go through him, and Seokwon is taking a role as a main road in startup ecosystem in Korea. Prior to CO-UP, he was an assistant Manager at SK communications.

  • Kay Kiwoong Kim Kay Kiwoong Kim

    Bio: Kay is Chief Creative Officer at Vanilla Breeze. VB develops and publishes quality games and applications on all major mobile platforms. As a CCO, Kay brings the idea rain to the team, and he is well-known as a father-like character at VB. Kay is Startup Weekend Seoul alumni.

  • Keywon Chung Keywon Chung

    Bio: Keywon is a product and interaction designer spanning screen and gestural interfaces, software and service prototyping. As senior designer at renowned global innovation/design firm IDEO, she developed mobile service concepts and revenue models, and advised Asian internet companies on globalizing their offerings and internal culture. She has real-world product shipping experience at Microsoft Office, where she helped revamp graphical capabilities of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio 2007. Her wearable and gesture interface work from the MIT Media Lab explore augmented experiences for the future creative class, and were featured on Showtime TV, Gizmodo, SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH. Keywon holds a BFA in design and HCI from Carnegie Mellon and MS in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT.

  • Michael Shilman Michael Shilman

    Bio: Michael was founding member and Chief Scientist of Wize, a Mayfield and Bessemer-funded Silicon Valley startup. Wize survived the financial crisis of 2008, grew to profitability, and was successfully acquired by the world’s largest price comparison shopping engine Nextag in July 2010. At Microsoft Research, his handwriting, document, and image recognition technology shipped in Windows, Office, and Bing, and led to 20 papers, 18 patents, and demonstrations by Bill Gates on CNN and BBC. He prototyped and engineered a scanning-and-speech interface for commercial check processing which currently processes over $5B every day. Michael was a Mayfield Fellow and Hertz Fellow at UC Berkeley where he received his BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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