• Jack Kilyoun Kim Jack Kilyoun Kim

    Topic: StartupWeekend Daejeon

    Bio: Jack KilYoun Kim is Founder & CEO of Enswers Inc. Founded in 2007, Enswers currently offers a variety of platforms & services that run on its exclusive Multimedia Fingerprinting technology. Prior to Enswers, Jack co-founded SL2, voice recognition & synthesis technology company, also provided consulting services for SUN Korea.

  • Changha Kim Changha Kim

    Topic: StartupWeekend Daejeon

    Bio: Changha Kim, the CEO of Madsmart founded Madsmart on 2011. He launched a service called TicToc. TicToc gained its name between the young people with smartphones. TicToc is continuing its popularity with over 100 million downloads. Prior to Madsmart Changha worked at Bonangels, NHN, and Neowiz.

  • David Lee David Lee

    Topic: StartupWeekend Daejeon

    Bio: Director of Google from early 2001 to 2006, David was the first international executive to lead the sales, operations, and business development efforts in Asia, Europe and Latin America, and launched Google\'s offices in KR, JP, CN, AU, and elsewhere. David has since Co-Founded XG-Ventures, a renowned angel fund in Silicon Valley that has already exited 10 companies in its 30 company portfolio, and is lead Advisor for SK Telecom Ventures. He\'s an LP in Y-Combinator and SV Angels, and has been profiled in both BusinessWeek and Forbes magazine, and still manages to find time for some rounds of golf between forays of IT world domination.

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